Last weekend my friend Amy came into town and I made her run the 2018 Warrior Run 5k. Coming from Minnesota, where it was 40s and raining, Amy was shocked by Cincinnati’s humid and 80s weather. Nevertheless, she powered through all 3.1 miles and finished strong!

2018 Warrior Run

The 2018 Warrior Run route was slightly different from last year’s. It was less hilly, with only one minor climb early on. The run weaved throughout all the beautiful neighborhoods of Mariemont There were lots of people in their yards/driveways cheering us on.

It was very hot though! We started sweating just on the walk to the starting line at the Bell Tower Park. I had run 17 miles that morning as part of my marathon training, so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to three more sweaty miles. But I’m so glad we didn’t cancel, it’s always fun to run with friends and cross the finish line together. It might even become a tradition for us. 🙂

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