After 18 weeks of marathon training, I’ve got a list of 26 things I’m going to do after the marathon!

It’s been a long, long time since I wrote a list post and you know how much I like writing lists and checking things off! So, in no particular order, here is the list of 26 things I’m going to do after the marathon:

  1. Celebrate the huge accomplishment!
  2. Stay out late on a Friday night.
  3. Sleep in on a Saturday morning.
  4. Get rid of old running shoes.
  5. Fix my toes/toenails. They aren’t as bad this time around, but they never fully healed from Nashville. I’d be happy with the toes above.
  6. Go to a “Taco Tuesday” on Tuesday night. Possibly at Tortilleria Garcia, which we’ve heard so much about.
  7. Admire the two marathon medals on my Celebrate Every Mile Medal Holder.
  8. Plan our trip to Europe next spring!
  9. Stop tracking my runs on paper.
  10. Complete a house project! Like installing some tall board and batten (cause, you know, we’re professionals) in the dining room and paint the walls dark. I tried to find an inspiration picture but I was so annoyed by all the promoted pins on Pinterest that I gave up.
  11. Go on a McDonalds cleanse.
  12. Miss my running group. I don’t always look forward to our group runs, but I always look forward to seeing them! We have just the right amount of support, sarcasm and openness to keep me going!
  13. Probably join another running group- Tri-State offers an in-between fall/spring marathon training session that I’ll likely join.
  14. Do a work-out clothes closet clean up.
  15. Go on more Sophie walks.
  16. Do some weight lifting- perhaps a Barre3 class.
  17. Eat less. After the Nashville Marathon I had to make a conscious effort to curb my eating habits since I was no longer running 20-30+ miles/week.
  18. Make a bigger dent on my 2018 book list.
  19. Blog more.. maybe? In general I feel like I’ve blogged enough the past 18 weeks, comparatively. The content has shifted from primarily home projects to running and book reviews.
  20. Ok, maybe 26 was too big of a list…
  21. Continue doing solo runs, but only when I feel like it and when conditions are favorable.
  22. Cook something new- I’ve always wanted to try Eggplant Parmesan. It looks relatively easy and is a good meatless option.
  23. Bake something new- I’ve been following Alexandra’s Kitchen for a long time now and I’d love to try baking her Peasant Bread.
  24. Decrease the amount of time I talk about running!
  25. Get one more outdoor bike ride in this year! I’ve missed my bike!
  26. And last, but not least… after the marathon, I’ll surely debate signing up for a spring marathon. Flying Pig 2019?

Are you still with me? 😛

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