I kept seeing black interior doors and loving how they add so much depth to a room. With all our walls being Sherwin Williams Alabaster and white doors, I figured we could stomach some color- if you consider Benjamin Moore Onyx a color.

We all know how sampling paint is my jam, but I took a calculated risk by buying the same paint as Chris Loves Julia used on their interior doors. They are still one of my favorite home/design bloggers.

Painting Prep

I have the urge to complain about all the prep it takes to paint the doors, but it’s nothing compared to actually replacing doors… remember that?

I usually cut in using an angled brush, but since I was painting black around a bunch of white surfaces I elected to tape. This time I used FrogTape to tape off the surfaces and a 4-inch foam roller and an angled Purdy brush to paint.

After: Black Interior Doors

I ended up doing three coats of Benjamin Moore Onyx. Don’t let three coats or Sophie fool you. The day after I finished she put her finishing touches on the door.

She continues to “finish” it every time a dog walks by, or the mailman comes, or a squirrel runs by, or… you get the point. So, I love the black doors but I can’t stand how unfinished/sloppy/dirty this looks. Other than stopping our guard dog, does anyone have any suggestions?

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