The marathon countdown has begun!

Marathon Countdown

The week leading up to the marathon always makes me anxious! I got sick a few days before the Nashville Marathon and hit the wall very early on in the marathon. I got the same cold before the Napa Half and bonked. So, fingers crossed I don’t get it again, because I have big plans after the marathon! 🙂

The Week Before

The week before includes a few 3 mile runs, a few rest days and a 2 mile run the day before. I still remember looking at this training program on week 1, thinking how am I going to get through this? During each run I had to keep my end goal in mind and tried to remember to celebrate every mile.

Then, I had a great Hudy 14K, a slow Napa Half, an OK 17-mile run + Warrior Run, an awesome Queen Bee Half and a relatively good 22 mile run. And all of a sudden we’re in week 18 and so close to the marathon I can smell it. Or maybe that’s just my shoes…

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