Last Saturday I completed the Jingle Bell 5K my last race of 2018.  Even though Becca and I said we were going to take it easy, we managed a 9:50 pace, my official time being 30:33.  The race benefits the Arthritis Foundation and drew roughly 2000 runners. Or should I say 2000 santas? Seriously, there were some good costumes, but no donuts. 🙁 

I ended up getting warm on the Thanksgiving Day 10K, so I didn’t want to make that mistake again. But, I forgot it was warmer that day and the distance was twice as long. On the bright side, the Tri-State tent was inside the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. 

Jingle Bell 5K

About 2 minutes before the start we walked out to the start line. From there we headed west for about 0.1 miles before starting the cold and windy climb over the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge. You can see the red on the map above where we slowed slightly coming back over the bridge. At the left turn we had about 0.1 miles left and sprinted it out. And then quickly retreated to the warm convention center for hot chocolate. 

Overall it was a good race. I had a great running partner, the route was good and I felt pretty strong. Registration included a long-sleeve t-shirt, bells to wear during the run, and very green bananas and cheap granola bars. They also mentioned donuts, which helped get Becca and me get to the finish line. But there were no donuts at the finish line or in the convention center. 🙁 

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