After finishing my last 2018 race, I thought it’d be a good idea to list out all the 2019 races I plan on clapping in. I mean participating in. 😛 

This week I received the unfortunate news that I didn’t get into the 2019 Chicago Marathon. Of course I was bummed because several people from my running group got in. I was looking forward to the camaraderie of training, traveling, and racing together. We’ll still train together but for different races.

That said, I’m excited for a bunch of other 2019 races. Below is a list of ones that I’ll likely run. I’m not actually registered for any of these, yet. The next big one is the Pig in May. After doing the Pig 10K last year and cheering on the marathoners, I knew I wanted to do the full in 2019.

Cincinnati Cyclones 5K/10K
Saturday, February 2nd

Valentines Hearts “R” Running 5K
Sunday, February 10th

Bockfest 5K
Saturday, March 2nd

Heart Mini Half Marathon
Sunday, March 10th

Little Kings Mile
Friday, May 3rd

Flying Pig Marathon
Sunday, May 5th

Hyde Park Blast 4 Mile
Sunday, June 30th

Cincinnati Beer 5K
Saturday, July 13th

Covington Beer Mile
Date TBD: August

Ragnar: Minnesota
Friday, August 16-17th

Hudepohl 14K
Saturday, September 21st

Warrior Run 5K
Date TBD: October  

Bearcats Dash and Bash 18.19K & 5K
Sunday, October 6th

Queen Bee Half Marathon
Saturday, October 12th 

Honor Run Half Marathon
Sunday, November 10th

Thanksgiving Day Run 10K
Thursday, November 28th

Jingle Bell 5K
Date TBD: December

I’m sure some of these will be cut and others added. I loved combining the Napa Half with a girl’s weekend getaway. So if something like that (ahem, Arizona) works out with our schedules I wouldn’t complain. 

Fall Marathon

As for a fall marathon, it’s still TBD. But here are a few that I’ve considered. All of them have been recommended or I know someone that is considering. As I’ve learned, it’s best to train and race with others. And pick a race with a good medal. 🙂

Wine Glass Marathon, Finger Lakes, NY
Sunday, October 6th

Mount Desert, Maine
Sunday, October 20th

NYC Marathon 
Sunday, November 3rd

If I continue to run marathons after 2019 I’d add Chicago (Fall) back on the list, along with Big Sur (Spring), Grandmas (Spring) and Twin Cities (Fall). And if I don’t, what am I going to blog about?