Wanted to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas! I appreciate all your support this past year. I started this blog to document the renovation of the Shoreview House, but it quickly morphed into me just wanting to ramble about everything. Then we announced we were moving Cincinnati and it turned into a way for my friends and family to see what we were up to.

This Christmas we are staying in Cincinnati, and as much as I’ll miss seeing my family I’m excited to have a few days of relaxing at home without any plans, other than to eat! Speaking of, I thought I’d share what’s on our menu. (Note: I’m halving most of these recipes so we aren’t eating the same thing for days on end.)

Christmas Breakfast

Cheesy Bacon Egg Casserole

Christmas Meal

Prime Rib from Lehr’s Meat Market
Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes
Honey Glazed Carrots
Everything But The Bagel Bread

Christmas Snacks

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
Christmas Crack