Hearing no recommendations from my 2018 Book Recap, I put together a short 2019 Book List. Just like last year, I put together this list based on NYT Best Sellers, other website lists (Amazon, GoodReads, etc), leftovers from last year’s list, and recommendations from bloggers I follow.

Well, I’m not going to finish all the books on my 2018 book list, so I might as well start my 2019 book list with those that I missed and still plan on reading.

I’ve actually started My Family and Other Animals and I’m loving it so far! PBS made a show out of it, so after reading it I plan on watching it.

I actually just finished listening to Little Princes audiobook and loved it! It’s a true story and author-narrated.

2019 Book List

I’m adding the following books to complete my 2019 books list. I’ve already requested some from the library because they are really popular. I think I’m request 500 out of 900 for Becoming, so it might not be able to read it until 2020. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “2019 Book List”

  1. Our friends from Sweden recommended “Our Family and Other Animals” and we loved it too. I read portions to Paige and Peyton and they loved imitating “Spiro” (or at least the voice I used for him). Check out “Birds, Beasts, and Relatives” – another Durrell memoir.

    1. I can only imagine your Spiro voice. 🙂 I’ll add Birds, Beasts, and Relatives to my list!

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