I can’t believe I’m training for a third marathon! We moved to Cincinnati over a year and a half, I’ve watched the marathon twice and ran the 10K last year, so I’d say it’s time I run the full marathon.

Why I’m Running Another Marathon

I learned a lot from the 2018 Nashville Marathon. I never expected to hit the wall so early and have to walk so much. Running a marathon is a huge accomplishment, but I didn’t feel proud about my performance. I knew I could do better. I liked to joke that I set the bar really low, making it “easy” to PR my next marathon.

Worried I’d get out of “marathon shape” I committed to running the 2018 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. There are so many reason the race was better, but joining the Tri-State Running Company running group was by far the difference maker. The Flying Pig Marathon is obviously thee big race Tri-State trains for and supports. Following my great Indy race, how could I not sign up?

2019 Flying Pig Marathon Training

“The Pig”, as everyone here refers to it, is Sunday, May 5th. Tri-State’s Training officially started last week, so I’m officially in week 2 of training, wahoo! I knew The Pig was going to be one of my 2019 Races, but seeing the training above makes it real and a little intimidating.

I try not to dwell too much on the training schedule though. We already have a few good training runs under our belt. I’m confident that, together, we can all reach our goals. I’ll share mine as soon as I decide!

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