Early this week I was looking for a salad recipe to use some poppyseed dressing that I had in the cupboard. I found this Autumn Chopped Salad and then naturally perused the rest of Alyssa’s recipes. Her Green Chili Enchilada Soup caught my eye! But, I don’t really like soup, so I modified it to make my thicker and thus crockpot green chile chicken chili!

Green Chile Chicken Ingredients

-Small can of diced green chiles
-A can of green enchilada sauce
-A can of white beans
-A package of chicken breasts
-Chicken broth (I had some leftover from another meal)
-1/2 package cream cheese
-A spoonful of minced garlic

I had everything but the green chiles, green enchilada sauce and white beans. I put everything in the crockpot and turned it on low. Sorry, I didn’t measure anything.

Crockpot & Shred

After four hours on low the chicken was done. Life hack- remove the chicken to shred it. Don’t try to do it in the crockpot. After I shredded it, I put it back in for a few more hours on low to completely melt the cream cheese. Then it tried it and confirmed it’s greatness, but I couldn’t eat it until later. I had a training run and was afraid of eating something remotely spicy beforehand. (PS This chili is not spicy at all, but like a spicy cousin.)

If you squint you can see I topped it with a little monterey jack cheese and a handful of cilantro. And like the best chili, the day after was even better, especially after a cold run!