I struggled to come up a topic to write about this week! Nothing “big” is happening right now, but I have been hiding things all around the house! In the spirit of hiding things- I had to hide my nose the other day when I ran in 10-degree weather! 🙂

A Hidden Printer

Upon discovering an outlet in the closet in the office I knew I wanted to move the printer in there. It’s a big black ugly thing that used to sit in the corner of the office above my race medals. It runs off wifi and I use it maybe once a month. I would have liked to move the entire filing cabinet in the closet, but alas it’s too big.

Eventually I’d like to “design” the office into something more cohesive and efficient. I spent 8+ hours in the room everyday so it’d be nice for it to look and function better. It hasn’t been top of mind though, because by the end of the day I like to close the door and “leave the office”.

A Hidden Vacuum

I asked for this vacuum for Christmas and IT IS AMAZING. But, because it is battery operated, it needs to live by an outlet. Luckily, there was a junction box in the hall closet that Nolan easily converted to an outlet. I had to move a few jackets into another closet, but now it fits snuggly in the closet.

Hidden Living and Dining Room

Ok, I didn’t hide my living and dining room per se. I, ok, Nolan, installed blinds! So now when cars and people pass by at night they can’t see into our house and judge us for our 6000-piece puzzling or TV binging habits.

I can’t believe we’ve been in this house for over a year and half without blinds in the front rooms! The windows are smaller and we don’t live on a super busy street, but still! I also want to install some curtains but I’m working on a larger design for the living room. More on that to come! It will include these two new chairs I got from World Market when they were having a huge sale the other day, but everything else is up for grabs!

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