I’m 8 weeks into the 18-week Flying Pig marathon training plan. We haven’t hit the big miles yet, but I’ve already identified three Flying Pig Marathon goals. And it’s not all about time. 🙂

2019 Flying Pig Marathon Goals

#1: Time is the easiest thing to measure and compare to previous marathon. My time at the 2018 Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon was 5:44:51 My time at the 2018 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was 4:53:51. My goal for the Flying Pig is 4:45:00. I can’t expect such a huge improvement again, especially since the Flying Pig is much hillier. But, I do feel stronger and faster than this time during the Indianapolis training.

#2: Enjoy it! I smiled so much during the Indianapolis Marathon and I think it really helped! Why would I put myself through all the training to not enjoy doing the actual race?

#3: Finish Strong. I love being able to kick it up a notch at the end and finish strong. I’m so glad the photographer got this shot of me at the Thanksgiving Day 10k. It’s miserable when you feel like you want to crawl across the finish line. Even if the race isn’t the greatest, like my 2016 duathlon, there just that ‘je ne sais quoi’ about zooming across the finish line.

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