January was a busy month, I’m looking forward to a slightly less hectic February. But first, let’s do an abbreviated recap of January 2019.

New Years

We “celebrated” New Years Eve by going to bed around 10pm and I’m not the least bit embarrassed by it. Since we moved to Cincinnati it hasn’t been a big holiday for us. Plus, the following day I got up and did a 6 mile run with Anne (remember her from Napa?) and her running group.


It was January 2nd, 2018 that Nolan broke his two toes playing volleyball. And like clockwork he re-injured his toes again in January 2019. And to add insult to injury he threw out his back one day too and had to take another week of volleyball. He has fully recovered, but it was a tough month.

Sister in Town

My sister visited us again and unfortunately we had the crappiest weather that weekend! We didn’t let it get us down though. We ventured out to Karrikin Distillery and had a great meal. I totally forgot to take pictures though. 🙁 The brussel sprout salad (which was our favorite) photo above is from their Facebook page.

Comedy Party

Last, but not least, was my friend Lauren’s Comedy Party! She hired a professional comic, set up karaoke, and asked everyone to wear a wig. Of course I picked my Marge Simpson wig. It was such a fun party, but I was exhausted from running 10 cold miles earlier that day and ducked out kind of early.

Next Month

Starting on Monday I started the dry February again. A Cincinnati friend and a friend back in Minnesota did a dry January so I’ve been encouraging them. It’s hard to break a habit but sometimes it’s good to just reset and get our priorities straight. I’m also going to be working on my post-marathon list, including #8, #10, and #17.

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