A few weeks ago Alison of Deuce Cities Henhouse, one of the blogs I read, was wearing a Matt’s Bar sweatshirt. I immediately messaged her to find to find out how I could get one. I quickly ordered two and received it in the mail this week. Getting them spurred the idea for this best Minnesota pride clothes post!

Minnesota Sports Clothing

The biggest obvious Minnesota pride clothing option is sports. From the Vikings, to the Wild, to the Timberwolves, to the Twins, to the Gophers, there is plenty of appeal to choose from. My Minnesota sports team rankings are as follows; Vikings (remember my drink?), Twins, Gophers, Timberwolves and Wild. My go-to for sports apparel is Fanatics, but you can also sometimes find items at Target and Kohls.

Minnesota Awesome

Another great shop for Minnesota pride clothing is Minnesota Awesome. They have a lot of great designs! Including the 1987 1991 t-shirt that Nolan wore to a Reds game last summer. I also have one in gray.

Another favorite from Minnesota Awesome is this Hey Babe t-shirt. Nolan was proudly sporting it when we went to Sun King Brewery, along with a Winter Park sweatshirt and Nashville hat. 😛

Specialty Shops

Obviously individual shops and restaurants offer their own appeal as well. Which brings me to Matt’s Bar and their Jucy Lucy sweatshirt. 🙂 I was able to check the Jucy Lucy off my local bucket list before moving to Cincinnati. And now I can proudly wear the sweatshirt! Another very specific Minnesotan specialty shop is The Minnesota State Fair Shop. Ya’ll know how awesome it is. And of course the Science Museum of Minnesota Brontosaurus sweatshirt, made popular by the hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

Sota Clothing

Sota Clothing is another popular Minnesota pride clothing shop. They have the recognizable design with MN and two canoe ores. I never called Minnesota Sota or Minne or anything other than Minnesota, but their signature design is pretty accurate.

Minnesota Made

I also like a lot of the clothing from Minnesota Made. I don’t own anything from this store, but it’s worth mentioning as another great place to get some Minnesota Pride clothing.