Are you tired of hearing about Asheville after the Half Marathon, Biltmore Tour, and Breweries? Well, too bad, because I have more to share! Like where we stayed, downtown Asheville and where we ate.

Downtown Asheville

As the running crew left early on Sunday morning we slept in and eventually made our way to downtown Asheville. There were lots of restaurants and cute shops. It was clean and felt safe. We walked around for about an hour before sitting down to breakfast.

Over Easy Cafe

We grabbed some grub at a tiny place called Over Easy Cafe. After the race the previous day and walking around, I was in need of some carbs! I ordered 1 pancake (good thing cause it was huge!) and Nolan got the huevos rancheros. Both were fantastic!

The Omni Grove Park Inn

We checked into the Omni Grove Park Inn on Sunday afternoon and continued to enjoy the nice weather. We walked the entire grounds including the spa, sports complex, lobby, golf course, shops, and restaurants.


We originally had reservations downtown Asheville, but we decided to keep it casual and eat at the hotel at EDISON. It was perfect! We sat by the windows, soaking in all the sun, never complaining about having to squint. 🙂

Sunset Terrace

The following day we toured the Biltmore and then had an early dinner at Sunset Terrace to enjoy, well, the sunset (see first photo). The huge heaters kept us warm and comfortable the entire meal. Unfortunately, my steak was cooked much more than I ordered. They immediately took it back, cooked another one, and offered a free dessert. The 2nd steak was very, very good. It was a great way to spend the last night of our vacation.