Just like when we traveled to Indy for the marathon and tried out some breweries, after the Asheville Half Marathon we hit up a few Asheville breweries. There are 26 breweries in Asheville and 60 in the surrounding area! We went to four, including Green Man Brewery with its huge mosaic wall of their logo.

Pisgah Brewing

After getting my packet for the half marathon, we stopped in Pisgah Brewing. Pisgah is actually in Black Mountain, just next door to Asheville. We heard the beer was good and it was on the way to the Airbnb. We both really liked the beer.

Catawba Brewing Company

Catawba Brewing Company is located in the appropriately named, South Slope Brewing District of Asheville. We all went there to celebrate the half marathon. This is where we learned of the 1-person, 1-drink law in North Carolina… Even if someone has to go to the bathroom, you cannot hold their drink and yours at the same time. {insert shoulder shrug.}

Green Man Brewery

After Catawba we walked around the corner to Green Man Brewing Company. At this point I switched to wine and Nolan, wearing his Matt’s Bar sweatshirt, ordered a tropical IPA and loved it.

Wicked Weed Brewing

Wicked Weed Brewing is probably the most popular breweries in Asheville. We stopped into their pub in downtown Asheville to see what the hype was about. We didn’t see the entire place and I ordered wine. Neither of us were overly impressed but in the same token we didn’t give it a fair shot. I guess we’ll just need to plan another trip to Asheville! 🙂