I haven’t done a Currently Post since February! Time to discuss a few recent favorites and one very exciting development.

Amazon Whole Foods Prime

You know how much I love Amazon and I’ve recently become in love with the Amazon Whole Foods ordering system. I love grocery shopping in my pajamas, from the couch on Sunday afternoon and having everything delivered in 2 hours. Just make note of the units – I once got 1 pound of jalapeños instead of 1. 🙂


Putting down fresh mulch in the spring is the definition of instant gratification. I bought Nolan this cool wheel barrel for Christmas and this was our first time using it and it worked great! It took us several hours, but the results look so good!

He also got to use the grain shovel that my mom bought him for Christmas one year. We ordered 3 yards of mulch, which ended up being more than enough. Luckily, our neighbors across the street needed some, and happily took it.

extra toasty Cheez-Its

Have you tried extra toasty Cheez-Its? They are SO good. Try them.

Nolan’s Birthday

Nolan’s birthday was in April too. I got him a card, and carrying on with our MN pride, this Twins Hat. We celebrated with beer at Listermann’s, drinks at Longfellow, dinner at The Eagle, and some gambling at the casino. I ended up winning a couple hundred bucks!

American Concierge

Last, but certainly not least, is American Concierge, the company we’re using when we go to France! 🙂 Yes, we finally booked our trip to France. Our flights are booked, hotels reserved, and several of their custom tours scheduled. The recent news of the Notre Dame fire was devastating. 🙁 We’ll still visit it, along with all the other major tourist sites. But, we’re also really excited to do some smaller unique tours – like a private cheese and wine tasting. Au revoir!