I can’t believe we’re already through all the long training runs and we’re into the taper! Last weekend was the 22-mile run from Washington Park and now we’ll taper the next three weeks until the Flying Pig Marathon. Could not have gotten this far without this amazing group. 🙂

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. I mentioned that I’ve been getting more windshield time because I got a new job! It’s going really well and even though it’s still a remote position, I’ve had to travel more. Thus, less nights sitting on the couch at night writing blog posts. 😉

The Taper

After building up the endurance and strength to do 22 miles, we go easy the next few weeks. It’s a proven science to marathon training and darn does it feel good! The key is to not injure yourself, eat right, and trust the process. I loved the few weeks leading up to the Indy Marathon last year!

After logging so many miles with this group, it’s going to be weird to get together and run “only” a few miles. It’s exciting though and puts me one step closer to hitting my Flying Pig Marathon Goals! And how could I not hit my goals when my mom will be there with me!?! She is running the half marathon! So, we’ll be running the first ~9 miles together. 🙂

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