I’m so proud of Nolan for running the Mariemont 5K! It was hot and humid! My phone said 73 degrees and 81% humidity. Weather aside, he ran the entire thing and got a 5K PR!! I think I was more excited than he was.

It is a small race, hosted by the Village of Mariemont and sponsored by several of the local businesses, including my running store. Registration was dirt cheap to begin with ($15 for no t-shirt), plus my running group’s discount made it a no-brainer. Plus we could walk to the starting line!

The Mariemont 5K Course

The course included several of the streets from the Warrior 5K. Our official time was 33:53, a minute and a half faster than our Valentine’s Day 5K. There were just over 200 runners out there, lots of families, dogs, strollers, and a few parents coaching their reluctant kids along. 🙂

What’s funny is that this race wasn’t even on my radar, but when it popped up I knew it would be a good one for Nolan to do. But then we both woke up not feeling 100%. I have been battling a lingering summer cold and he was tossing and turning all night with an upset stomach. Despite wanting to stay in bed, we both got up and walked down to the start line with Melanie. As soon as we started though I forgot all about my sore throat. Probably because I was focusing on not slipping on all the sweat that was pouring off of everyone.

It just goes to show that on race day anything can happen!