Going to the big tourist spots are required, but this French Wine and Cheese Pairing was my favorite excursion! It was at Geraldine’s private apartment, making it truly an immersion experience.

But First! A Little Paris Run

It wasn’t until day six that I got out for a run! Knowing we had a wine and cheese tasting coming up, I got out for a few miles around our hotel, along the Seine and around “my garden.”

French Wine and Cheese Pairing

At 10am we made our way over to Geraldine’s apartment in the 16th arrondissement. She lives about a block from the metro, so it was super easy to find.

She took us on a short trip to buy cheese and bread. She already had the wine (to ensure it was at the right temperature). She is a certified wine specialists, so she knows her wine!

We went back to her apartment (so cute!) for the tasting. She had the table set up and everything ready to go. At first it was a little weird being in a stranger’s apartment, but Geraldine was so outgoing that we quickly settled in.

The biggest thing she taught about pairing is contrast. The more contrast between the cheese and wine the more likely they will pair well. We “experimented” pairing the six cheeses with the three different wines.

It was suppose to be a two-hour event, but we were having great conversation that we ended up staying a lot longer! We talked about politics and the French vs. American lifestyle. Having lived in New York for 12 years, she had a unique understanding and perspective.