This past weekend was the 2019 Hudy 14K race downtown Cincinnati. Compared to last year’s race, this run was hot and humid! So it’s no surprise my pace was slower, but I was still happy with a 1:32 finish with a pace of 10:37. Plus, what better excuse to wear my beer socks and pose with a giant beer stein made of balloons?

Tri State Running Company had a great turnout! I ran with my Marshall pace group for the first few miles and then we all sort of split up and ran our own races. Near the end a great group of them cheered us on to the finish line and got this photo.

It looks like I’m barely moving my legs but I swear I was sprinting to the finish. 😛 Seriously though, having a group of familiar faces screaming your name is such a great motivator at the end of the race.

The medal doubles as a bottle opener, but considering it’s hanging in my office I doubt I’ll ever use it. Even though I didn’t PR, I had a great race! After bonking at the 2019 Flying Pig, it was nice to move that medal down and replace it with one from a good race.

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