The 2019 Michigan Ragnar started in Muskegon and finished in Traverse City on beautiful Lake Michigan. I knew it was going to include some running and lots of laughter, but nothing could have prepared me for the actual experience with this group of goof balls.

I was runner #11 in van 2, running a total of 17.6 miles over three legs. It was a perfect amount since my Marshall Training plan called for 18 miles this weekend. I was thankful for all the helpful hints I received beforehand- like the advice to bring a blanket. Anytime I wasn’t running I had that thing wrapped around me!

Leg 1

My first leg (team leg #11), was 3 miles and categorized as Easy. I would categorize it as Super Easy. My time was super fast for me! It was easy for a few reasons. First, it was my first leg and I’d watched the other runners in my van complete their runs. Their excitement rubbed off on me. Second, it was *only* 3 miles with a lovely cheer bridge in the middle. Third, it was 85%+ downhill, especially the last mile.

Leg 2

My second leg (team leg #23), was 7.5 miles and categorized as Hard. I agree that it was hard. Not only was there a few steep climbs, but I started at 1:20am. We took a cat nap at the hotel, but I only got a few hours of sleep. I was a little nervous about running in the middle of the night too. But, there was always a least one runner within sight, and usually 4-5 runners around me. The best part, other than finishing, was when a local cop road by with The Eye of the Tiger blasting out of his cop car.

After everyone in van 2 completed their second leg we parked at the next transfer spot and slept. Well, I slept and snored (along with another teammate) and everyone else rested. Whoops!

Leg 3

My third leg (team leg #35), was 7.1 miles and categorized as Hard. Knowing that the other 10 runners were done, I was anxious to get going! I knew it was going to be hard but knowing my team was counting on me gave me the determination to keep going. It also helped that I ran the same pace as another girl and we chatted for a long time. The route had several rolling hills and lots of gravel running due to limited shoulders. Even though it was daytime a full moon was spotted…

Finish Line

As the custom goes, we all ran together to the finish line, but only after making Scott run under our cheer bridge. Finishing 200-ish miles with a team like this is an experience like none other! I wasn’t able to make the Minnesota Ragnar, but so happy that I was able to make this one!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This group is the most supportive, encouraging, caring, and funny group! From helping load bags into the vans, to sharing all the snacks, food, drinks, Advil, body wipes, to listening to all my “in Minnesota…” comments, to running an extra leg (we unfortunately had a few injuries 🙁 ), to just general concern or each other’s wellbeing. When someone asked how your leg went I know they genuinely wanted to know the answer. Best group ever!

The Ragnar Medal

The Hudy 14K medal hardly had time to get comfortable on the rack! But back it goes to make way for the pointed-edge Michigan Ragnar medal. Each of them have a different saying on the back; mine says “Sleep is overrated.”

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