As I’ve mentioned, my new job requires me to be on the road a few times a month. Rather than listen to hours of music or talk radio I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks! I listen to them much faster than I read books, so, once again, I grouped four together.

Only one of these books was on my 2019 book list! The others I either saw others reading them, or the were popular (and available) through Libby, or recommended by someone. Either way, here are a few good audiobooks for long car rides, in the order that I listened to them.

None Like Him

First is None Like Him by Jen Wilkin. I saw this one on Brighton’s instagram page. It’s a Christian Theology book about the 10 ways God is different than us. Good stuff!

Dark Matter

Second up is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. This novel is based on string theory and a scientist who is able to access alternate realities. Sounds more sci-fi than I usually go for, but I once watched a documentary on string theory so I knew it was a completely science fiction. The book was excellent though- it was the kind that kept me sitting in parking lots wanting to know what happens next.

Growth Hacker Marketing

Third is Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday. The gist of this book is about abandoning traditional marketing techniques for ones that cost little to nothing. Crazy right? It’s worked though for several recently wildly successful companies. Mostly B2C, but there were a few things I picked up that I can implement in my current 9-5 job. Highly recommend if you are a marketer or working in a start-up.

The Ninth Hour

And most recently is The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott, the only one on my 2019 book list. It is a very intense book about a widow and her daughter and a group of nuns caring for the sick and poor. I did have to rewind it a few times because I got distracted by something going on in the road.