The past weekend was the 2019 Queen Bee Half Marathon in Cincinnati. I had been really bummed about not getting into Chicago, but was grateful to be able to run this fun race again.

The week leading up to the race I was traveling for work. I missed a few of my runs and didn’t get great sleep. I did my usual McDonalds the night before and went to bed early. Needless to say, I didn’t expect to have the best race.

The Course

Compared to last year, the course was 95% the same. The only noticeable change is the finish line moving to Yeatman’s Cove, which I believe is way better. I really do like the course, there are enough hills to make it challenging, but not enough to kill you.

There was a lot of crowd support on the course! Including Nolan, Sophie, and my in-laws that were in town for Blink, a cute golden retriever puppy that I stopped to pet, and several Tri-State people snapping photos.

The Swag

This is just some of the swag from the race. I really like the black shirt! The medal blinks (my phone didn’t quite capture that) in celebration of the Blink going on this weekend in Cincinnati. I wore my medal around that night with the blinking lights on. 🙂

The Afterparty

The weather was great for running, but chilly for the afterparty. We all layered up and found a spot in the sun. At the finish line there was an abundance of snacks and my favorite chocolate milk. Most of us also took advantage of the “premium beverage”- aka light beer. There were several people that had great races and a few PRs. So even though I didn’t have a great race, I was able to celebrate their achievements. Love my group!

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