2019 Marshall University Marathon Finish

The 2019 Marshall University Marathon was my 4th marathon and and my 2nd fastest time, but I still made mistakes. Thankfully my very supportive crew from Tri-State was there to get me to the finish line.

The “Expo”

The “expo” was basically packet pick-up and one vendor selling running gear. I road up with Mel and Kate and just happen to arrive the same time as lots of the group; perfect photo opportunity!

2019 Marshall University Marathon

Marathon Rookie Mistakes

2019 Marshall University Marathon

I started WAY too fast. I stressed my quads and burned up way too much energy in the first 8 miles. I remember crossing mile 13 and thinking, crap! I have do all that again. My official time was 5:20:20, only slightly faster than the 2019 Flying Pig.

Marshall University Marathon Course

I wasn’t sure about doing two loops and I can confirm that I didn’t like it. Although pretty, we had to do the Harris Riverfront Park four times. And the stretch along Virginia Avenue was very boring- see below.

2019 Marshall University Marathon

I didn’t mind the limestone trail along Ritter Park. It was packed pretty well, nothing like the gravel running at Asheville. I did not like the cobblestone along 27th street. It was a short stretch but I think that’s why my knee got so sore.

2019 Marshall University Marathon

There was hardly any support on the course and I was often running by myself. The above photo was from the first loop when there was a few other runners near. I was so thankful for the volunteers that were out there.

2019 Marshall University Marathon Mile 22

Of course Cameron had a tent at mile 22. I was doing a run/walk at this point and let me tell you how nice it was to stop and chat with him! After a sip of beer, a few potato chips, and a pep talk I knew I could go another 4 miles.

Finishing the 2019 Marshall Marathon

2019 Marshall University Marathon

I ran the last half mile with Nicole. Her and her supporters ran by me and one of her friends said something like “No, girl! You are going to run the rest, LET’S GO!” So I did. Then, I saw all my Tri-State people, smiled for the camera, and had Julie run me in.

2019 Marshall University Marathon Finish Line

The finish line is inside the football stadium. They hand you a football and you run into the end zone to finish. Unlike other marathons, I didn’t feel like crying after I finished. I just felt like sitting down. 😛

2019 Marshall University Marathon Medal rack

When I got home my legs were sore and my right knee was killing me. Nothing a little ice and ibuprofen couldn’t handle though. The football-shaped medal has settled in nicely on my medal rack.

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  1. You’re amazing gf!! What you call your mistakes I call freaking amazing!!! Most people can’t run one 10min mile and you did it 8x over plus 18 more! Unbelievable. Congrats to you on your 4th!

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