Call me crazy, but two weeks after the Marshall University Marathon, I ran the 2019 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon! It’s such a fun race!! I got the usual pre-race jitters, but as soon as I got started those went away and I loved running the #stripatnight!

The Expo

Not surprising, the expo was very similar to the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon expo. It was at the Las Vegas Convention Center, very large, and full of expensive swag.

I loved the wall that you could write messages on. Of course I wrote one of our mottos; I can do hard things.

Start Line Pre-Race Jitters

Nolan and Glen walked me to the start line and snapped this photo. Even though I was just doing the race for fun I felt really nervous and jittery. The chaos at the start line didn’t help either. There were SO many people. There was a blue group with 14 corrals and green group with 12 corrals. It was a bit crazy and there weren’t clear instructions on how to line up.

All that went away as soon as I got started! I didn’t have any stomach issues, but I did feel a bit dehydrated. Probably a combo of being in the dessert and drinking champagne earlier in the day. 🙂

2019 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Course

2019 Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Course

The course is what makes this race! The half started at 4:30pm right in the middle of the strip. You loop around the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, where you can have a “Run Thru Wedding.” It was wild to run by and see tons of couples tying the knot! Just one of many sites to see. Besides the weddings and all the massive casinos lit up, there were several live bands, the Bellagio fountains, fans, Fremont Street, and the Pawn Stars shop along the route.

I was beyond excited to go left as the full marathoners went right. After smiling through the finish line and getting my medal, I was once again surrounded by people. I liked it, I talked to several people as I chugged water and stretched out my legs. I didn’t PR or even get a “good” time, but I had a wonderful time! Who else can say they’ve run down the Las Vegas strip at night?