I stumbled upon this Empress Josephine Book while in an old bookstore in Paris. I read some of it while we had an afternoon glass of rosé. When we got home I checked it out from the library.

Empress Josephine Book

This book is OLD. It had that old musty smell and a spot in the front to put a card- back before they used barcodes at the library. It was long too, over 300 pages, including some of the original letters between Josephine and Napoleon.

Empress Josephine Book The Coronation Painting

After seeing the actual painting of The Coronation at the Louvre, it was very interesting to read more about the event and painting. That’s how I would describe the entire book; interesting. It wasn’t a riveting, page-turner. I actually skipped a few chapters that I found a little dull. There are several other newer books about Josephine available that are probably shorter and written in more modern language.

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