Last weekend Nolan and I ran the 2020 Cyclone’s 10K in downtown Cincinnati. It was our first race of 2020 and Nolan’s first 10K race.


Bib pick-up was a breeze! We went right after work on Friday and there was plenty of parking. We did have to walk up four flights of stairs, but there was no one in line.


The race started outside the stadium and went West toward Paul Brown Stadium, which was all relatively flat. Then down along Riverside for about 1 1/2 miles. It’s the same path as the Flying Pig and I knew we were in for a treat coming up that hill back into the city. There was one more hill right as we were coming around the stadium and I pushed Nolan not to slow down too much.

Overall the route was decent. I don’t mind a few hills and even the short out-and-back gave me a chance to cheer on friends. The part that I hated was at the end when we were running on the concourse. There were tons of non-runners milling around. At this point we were sprinting and had to dodge people left and right.

Post Race

After the race I made sure Nolan got a picture with the PR board and I grabbed a hot chocolate. There was water, bananas, and Jimmy Johns chips too. Just what you’d expect and need after a 5 or 10K.

The Swag

Arguably, the swag is what some people care about the most. Don’t get me wrong, a good t-shirt and/or medal are awesome, but there is a reason I’m leaving this till last. I like the black shirt and the design, but I’m drowning even in a small. The medal is great and fit well on my medal holder.

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