I didn’t realize the 2020 Valentine’s Hearts “R” Running 5K was the weekend after the Cyclones 10K when I signed up. I don’t think anyone would suggest running races back-to-back weekends. Not to mention running 7+ snowy miles and swimming 1000+ yards the day before. But that didn’t seem to effect our performance…

Two PRs!

Nolan and I both achieved 5K PRs! Nolan has been dealing with some heel pain and hadn’t run since the Cyclone’s race the weekend before. I was ready to just run slow or run/walk with him to get to the finish line. Neither of us were prepared to beat last year’s 35:25, much less get a PR!

The course was exactly the same as last year. It’s “only” 3 miles, but the bridge can be tough. Luckily we have practice after doing it at the Jingle Bell 5K. We didn’t stay together the entire time. Nolan took off at the beginning and I had to chase him down. He got ahead of me going back over the bridge. Then I caught up with him going down the hill. We finally split up at the last right hand turn when I sprinted to the end. (I am so competitive!)

After Party

Nolan contends that he wants to only do runs that end with beer. This one ended with beer, pizza, and chocolates.