After almost three years of living here, I finally installed some office curtains and blinds! It’s also been a long time since I wrote about anything house related. Since moving in, I haven’t touched the office much, other than hanging my medal rack. You’ll notice that even our (very expensive) diplomas still aren’t hung. At least they are off the floor- see next photo. 😉


I started a new job last year and we do a lot of video conferences. Because the window is directly behind me, I’m always backlit and don’t look my best. The bright sun was also disrupting Sophie’s morning naps. (The travel pillow is around her neck so she can’t lick a sore on her side while it heals.)

Office Curtains

The curtains and rod where both things I already had. I bought the rod for the office in our Shoreview house, but I never hung curtains because the desk was in front of the window. The curtains were purchased, removed from the package, and ironed before I realized they were the wrong size for the guest bedroom. Putting holes into plaster walls is fun… said no one.

Office Blinds

The blinds are from Blindster. We’ve had such good luck with their blinds, we just keep going back. These are the Deluxe Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group A in Elisa Mahogany. (Upstairs is the same and we have the Mirabella White in our master bedroom.) Can you tell I love the look of bamboo blinds and long white curtains.

My little plant is from Trader Joe’s and has been incredibly resilient! I might need to find it a new home though because it’s growing so big. Maybe someday I’ll get around to hanging those diplomas and/or other artwork, but the thought of drilling more holes in plaster doesn’t excite me.