2020 70.3 Ohio Training

I can’t keep it a secret anymore, I’m registered for the 2020 Ironman Ohio 70.3! More on why, what a half Ironman consists of, and the training plan I’m following in this blog post.

I still want to reach my 4:45 marathon, but I knew I wanted a break from marathon training this spring. I’ve done duathlons, but never a triathlon. Like most people, I’m afraid of the swimming part.

Swim: 1.2 Miles

Even on tropical vacations, I’ve never liked hanging out in the pool. I preferred to lay under a cabana and read a book. Knowing I’d need ALL the help with the swimming portion, I signed up for adult swimming lessons. I’ve gone through two sessions now and have been practicing 3x a week with the help of the snorkel above. Along with my swim cap, my goggles, and my nose clip, I’m a sight for sore eyes.

I am slowly getting better. By better I mean I can swim a few hundred yards now without gasping for breath. When I use the snorkel I can swim for 1000+ yards, so I know I have the strength. I just need to continue to practice the breathing.

Bike: 56 Miles

I’ve put the bike back on the trainer and committed to riding at least twice a week. I occasionally do a spin class at the Y too. When I’m on the trainer, I’ve watched The Irishman, a few episodes of Six Feet Under, and the first season of Shrill. Can’t say that I’d recommend any of them strongly. I’m still looking for a go-to show.

Run: Half Marathon

Even though a half marathon doesn’t scare me in the least, I can’t ignore this part of the race. I could run a half marathon right now if I had to, but not after 1.2-mile swim and 56-mile bike.

70.3 Training Plan

I’m following this 20-week training plan. It just officially started this week! Because of my group runs, I’ve shifted what days I do the workouts. Just today I completed the swim workout below.

Swim: 1200 Yards
WU: 300 @ low aerobic intensity
8 x 25 drills, RI=0:10
MS: 4 x 100 (25 easy/25 hard) easy = moderate aerobic intensity, hard = threshold intensity, RI=0:10
CD: 300 @ low aerobic intensity

Assuming that in 20-weeks the Coronavirus isn’t still cancelling events, I’ll be doing the 2020 Ironman Ohio 70.3 in Delaware, OH!

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