During February I read four books, well three books and one audiobook. I read my first and definatley not last John Grisham book, a very odd novel that I still don’t quite understand, a gripping story about two neighbors, and the intense sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale.

A Time to Kill by John Grisham

Believe it or not, A Time to Kill was the first John Grisham I read! I see why he is a best-selling author. His writing is very captivating, yet very easy to follow along. Combine his writing and this story of a 1980s uncertain justice and racial violence in a small southern town made for a gripping read.

Gingerbread by Helen Oyeymi {Audiobook}

I listened to Gingerbread from beginning to end and I still don’t really know what it was about. Maybe it was because I experienced via audiobook, but it was incredibly hard to follow along. As soon as I thought I “got it”, focus completely changed. The weird cult-like attachment to gingerbread reminded me of the strangeness of The Water Cure. Either way, I can cross it off my 2020 book list.

Ask Again, Yes!

Ask Again, Yes! has a well-deserved place on the New York Times Bestseller’s List. It’s a great novel about young love, alcoholism, marriage, and mental illness. It hits a lot of tough topics without being too depressing. From my 2020 book list, I flew through about half of it while skiing in Winter Park.

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

I read The Testaments while we were in Antigua in less than three days! It was a long read, but what else are you going to do while laying on the beach all day? Plus it was SO good! It’s a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale. If I hadn’t watched that show I’d probably be just as confused as I was in listening to Gingerbread.

It takes place 15 years after The Handmaid’s Tale leaves off. Many of the same characters are in play but there a few new ones too. The last few chapters flew by. I kept looking at Nolan and saying “Aunt Lidia!!”