How are you surviving COVID-19? It’s a crazy time, no? For normalcy’s sake, I figured I’d do a currently post. I haven’t done one since last October! Who’s ready to see what I’m cooking, baking, and how training is going?


I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes lately. Nolan’s favorite is this Queso Mac and Cheese with Spicy Ground Beef. It’s made with Banza pasta, so it’s kinda healthy. I’ve been buying Banza pasta from Amazon since 2016. It’s a great alternative to traditional (high carb) pasta.

Nolan recently bought the Rec Tec Matador grill, so naturally I asked him to make fajitas on it. They turned out fantastic! He’s also used it to made his beans and eggs. We’ll probably do more on it this weekend.

Tonight I’m making this Spicy Coconut Stir Fry, but adding chicken to up the protien.


Last Friday night I made Toasted Coconut Loaf from Alexandra Stafford’s Bread Toast Crumbs. Nolan and I ate half the loaf that night! It’s made with toasted coconut and coconut milk but isn’t super sweet. The recipe isn’t on her site, but her Everything Bagel and Quinoa and Flax Toasting Bread are and those are fantastic too.

I also made these homemade soft pretzels. Mine stuck to the parchment paper, so we just ate the tops of them. 🙂 They were super easy, but I have to warn you that the recipe website is super annoying with ads, pop-ups and videos constantly.


The Heart Mini was cancelled. So Nolan, Sophie, and I did the virtual 5K race last weekend. Sophie is getting too old for that many running miles. So we ended up walking the second half. This coming weekend was Run the Bluegrass 1/2 marathon. It has been postponed, but the new date hasn’t been determined yet. The Flying Pig has been postponed to October. My mom and I plan on doing the virtual race.

The IM Ohio 70.3 on July 26th hasn’t been cancelled… yet. I’m continuing to run and bike, but since all the gyms are closed I haven’t been swimming. This is the part that I need the most help with! I’ve also heard that swim fitness goes fast, so I’m afraid I’ll be starting back at zero whenever I can get back into the pool.

I did enter the lottery for the fall Marine Corps Marathon. Fingers crossed!

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