My Sandals Antigua review includes a summary of the weather, resort, activities, and the food & drink. We’ve stayed at three other Sandals resorts during four other vacations. See how Antigua compares to the other Sandals resorts.

We originally booked this trip to Barbados during our stay at Sandals Grenada. But then we postponed it a year knowing that 2020 was our 10-year wedding anniversary. We also selected Sandals Antigua over Barbados because Delta doesn’t fly to Barbados.

I’m thankful that my mom and Scott were able to keep up with all our travel changes! We travel really well together and it’s nice to have another couple to hang out with. (I’d remise not to mention that my mom and I beat the boys at 500. 🙂 )

Weather & Resort

The weather was amazing! It ranged from 75 to 80 most days. No need to bring a cardigan or jacket to dinner. 🙂 It did rain one day, but nothing crazy. The resort and our room were very nice! It was larger than Grenada, but not as big as Jamaica. Jamaica was just too big for me; you had to take a golf cart to get from one end to another.


As at the other resorts, there were lots of activities to partake in. Nolan and I played sand volleyball and met some interesting people. There were games at the pool everyday. We did water aerobics one day and visited the fitness center a few times.

Scott went sailing a few times. The on-resort photographers caught the best image of him when he brought the boat up on one float! Luckily he was on it by himself that time and knew what he was doing.

We went out snorkeling in the ocean one day too. The boat ride out there was extremely rocky! The waves were rolling the entire time we snorkeled, but luckily it didn’t bother my stomach! There was also lots of entertainment at night too. After spending all day laying by the pool we didn’t usually make it too late though. The best was the piano bar!

Food & Drink

The food and drinks were very comparable to the other Sandals resorts. You never go hungry, or thirsty. Even right after a workout. 😉 We ordered room service, food by the pool, and took full advantage of the in-room beverage options. The only restaurant we didn’t try was Soy- the sushi place, not for lack of trying…


We had a wonderful time, but overall it was probably my least favorite Sandals. I only say this because the culture of the island was less friendly than the others. Some of the staff was extremely friendly and outgoing, but most were cold and sort of stand-offish. They didn’t make a lot of eye contact and didn’t always respond when ordering. At other resorts the staff would always say “Ya man!”, where at Antigua they would just turn around and grab your drink. It didn’t help that we had a misunderstanding with the hostess at Soy when the four of us tried to go for some appetizers.

St. Lucia will always be a favorite because it was where we got married. That said, we loved the people and small resort at Grenada and therefore booked another trip there next year. 🙂

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