In January I was lucky enough to go skiing again at Winter Park! I’ve been on a every-other-year skiing schedule, so the last time I was there was in 2018.

Winter Park Mountain

Each day we’d take the gondola up the mountain. Other than Sunday, it wasn’t too busy and quick to get to the top. Since I missed last year, this was new for me.

We skied with Dave and Lauren a few days too. For lunch we’d stop at Lauren’s car and saw her adorable dog Charlie. He is a rescue and the cutest, well behaved dog!

We made it up to the bowl one day too. It’s hard to tell just how steep it is here, but trust me, it took me about 5000 turns to get down. 🙂 The weather was great to ski the bowl though; clear and not too windy.

Derailer: The One Black Diamond

Despite having skied there several times, I still don’t know the mountain by heart. But I was willing to do a black diamond. It took me what felt like an hour to get down Derailer. We joked that I turned into an old lady being so slow and cautious.

Vertical Bistro & Bar

When you turn a lot more, you end up skiing more. So, when I was tired, I took a green to the base, popped into a bar and waited for the other skiers. It also gave me a chance to buy Nolan a Winter Park hat and break it in.

Evenings in Winter Park

We went to a few of the usual dinner spots, but most nights we hung out at the condo. We’d watch TV, chat, sit in the hot tub, or play head’s up.

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