Here’s your random thoughts post for the week. I feel like I haven’t written or done anything real creative recently. Does puzzling count?


I’ve started creating TRX workouts for Nolan and I to do in the basement. I’ve done some circuits, but lately I’ve just done a crap ton of different moves that you only have to do once. Anything to break up some of the routine. I’m subbing these in for when my plan calls for a swim. Basically the same, right? Don’t answer that.

Creative Eating

Without stock piling, we avoided the grocery store for nearly three(!!) weeks. The first week was fine, the second week started to get dicey when I ran out of rosé. By the third week, I was putting together such random meals, like egg salad sandwiches and tator tots. I tried baking brownies from scratch too, that didn’t work out so well.


Her allergies are horrible right now, which the long daily walks aren’t helping. The cone doesn’t stop her from playing with the most ripped up pieces of toys. (I actually tossed this foot? so she doesn’t swallow any of the strings and accidentally kill herself.)


Since I don’t know when I’ll see my volleyball ladies again I took it upon myself to start my own little ‘garden’. One of my teammates was my weekly supply of tomatoes and cucumbers all last summer. They were so delicious! Before and after the game I nearly ate the entire bag of tomatoes. They were also the centerpiece of this tomato pizza I made last summer.

I’m so proud that I made seeds grow into tall green things! I purchased some pots and soil to transfer the tomatoes and peppers to. I’m no green thumb and I don’t like the activity of gardening, but I love cooking with fresh veggies and herbs.

I miss my eyelash extensions.

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