stack of cookbooks

I sent a snapchat of all my recent cookbook purchases to a friend of mine and she made the TP joke. I laughed because it’s true! I got all these new cookbooks in the mail within a week of each other. I had some of them in my Amazon cart for awhile and finally just decided to pull the trigger. Six times.

I don’t follow any specific diet, but I do try to cook healthy meals. I don’t deprive myself of sweets or carbs, but I do try to limit them. I think the variety of cookbooks I’ve recently purchased reflects this.

Eat What You Want

What’s Gaby Cooking is one of my favorite cooking instagrammers. She is an amazing cook, but doesn’t take herself too serious. I’ve been following her for a long time and have made several recipes from her website. I felt like it was time to support her by buying Eat What You Want.

I want to cook nearly all the recipes from this book! I started with the Thai Steak Salad. We marinated the steak overnight to get it even extra flavorful. We both loved how the steak turned out. Nolan liked the salad and dressing, but would prefer them separate. I loved it!

Thug Kitchen

plate of pad thai with peanuts and lime

Thug Kitchen has been in my cart for forever! I don’t even know how I originally heard about it, but it’s hilarious- if you don’t mind the occasional cuss word. Sometimes more than occasional. Above is the homemade pad thai, topped with cilantro, lime and peanuts. So yummy!

The Defined Dish

tuna steaks, pico, cilantro lime rice, cole slaw

I heard about The Defined Dish from a few other influences and checked out the book. It’s Whole 30 Endorsed, but not all the recipes are Whole 30. So far, we’ve tried the blackened tuna steaks and they are a Whole Lotta Goodness. I’m no longer intimidated by frozen tuna steaks and I think they’ll be a regular around these parts.

Love Real Food

Another foodie blogger, Cookie + Kate, wrote Love Real Food. While all the recipes are vegetarian, I find that I can easily add meat if I so choose. I did not add meat to these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I cut the recipe in half because I don’t need 40 cookies just sitting around waiting to be eaten. I also skipped the salt in the recipe and opted to sprinkle Maldon Sea Salt Flakes on them before cooking. (If you’ve never done this you are sorely missing out.) Then I burnt half of them, so I ended up with less than 10 edible cookies. They were gone in two days.

Beyond Simply Keto

And because the queen of instagram, Living With Landyn, talks so much about Beyond Simply Keto, I tossed that in the cart as well. Again, I’m not on a keto diet, but I like that their recipes are low carb. I already have a few recipes picked out for next week.

Food Swings

Last, but not least, is Food Swings by Jessica Seinfeld. Like Thug Kitchen, this has been in my Amazon cart for years. I love that it includes Virtue & Vice recipes- like quinoa bowls and cinnamon rolls. It has you covered no matter which end of the swing you’re on. I marked a few recipes for Nolan to choose from for next week. Guesses on whether he’ll pick the virtue or vice recipe? 😉

As you can see I don’t prescribe to any one diet or fad. I like them all. The variety of these books allows me to find a recipe that fits. I’ll eat what I want, in my thug kitchen, no matter what my food swings are that day, but it’ll be real food, beyond simple, on a defined dish.