Other than when the crawl space flooded, I don’t think I’ve talked much about our basement. But now, I have all the basic home gym equipment set up! Gym closed? Bad weather? No more excuses for not working out!

Weights & Resistance Bands

Basic Home Gym Equipment

Luckily we had a few sets of dumbbells before COVID hit. I wish I had some heavier ones, but I made due with doubling up when I needed. I had a few flimsy plastic bands from the Target dollar bins. One ripped and Nolan complained that they pulled his leg hair. So, I bought a few new resistance bands for the Tighter Together Challenge. I love these fabric ones and these plastic resistance bands with handles.

Nolan mounted these hooks to the ceiling too so they are no longer just looped over a beam. When you have guns like me, you want to make sure your bands and anchor point can handle it. 😉

TRX Straps

We also love our TRX Straps! We’ve been using them since I was designing my own at home workouts. I’m still terrible at the planking exercises, but I love using them for squats.

Bench & Step

I wish I would have had the bench and step for Tighter Together! I improvised with the stairway and random chairs in the basement. But now, with these basic pieces of home gym equipment I feel so “official”.

TV with AppleTV

While I was away for the weekend, Nolan mounted the TV to the ceiling. It swivels so I can watch it while I ride or lift. He used a generic TV mount and our neighbor’s help to get it installed. The AppleTV is taped to the back and he even zip tied the cords so it’s nice and clean looking.

Wahoo KICKR SNAP Trainer

In addition to the mounted TV, Nolan set up my new Wahoo KICKR SNAP trainer! I’ve been using a free trainer since living in our Shoreview house. It still works great, but I wanted to upgrade to a smart trainer. The KICKR SNAP is wifi enabled, so it can connect with Zwift. Zwift is program that allows you to virtually ride with others on routes around the world. It works along with the trainer to measure your speed, watts, etc. Connecting the AppleTV, Zwift App, and Wahoo trainer was surprisingly easy! Like I said, no excuses for not getting a workout in!

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