Ever since my cookbook shopping spree, I’ve continued to cook new and fun recipes. I’ve recorded four new summer recipes that I can highly recommended!

Sun-Dried Tomato Fettuccine Alfredo with Spinach

I’ve made a few vegetarian meals from LOVE real FOOD and always modified them. The zesty black bean and corn salad in lettuce cups was a perfect light summer dish. I made it ahead and added chicken for extra protein. Above is the sun-dried tomato fettuccine Alfredo with spinach. I used some sun-dried tomato olive pesto instead of the sun-dried tomatoes. I also topped it with shredded parmesan. I was a little off put by the blended cashew sauce, but it was actually very tasty! I will 100% make both of these dishes again.

Zesty Ranch Burgers

These were supposed to be turkey burgers, but Whole Foods was out of ground turkey. Nolan mixed them because touching raw hamburger meat makes me gag. He cooked them up on the griddle and I topped them with tomato and avocado- as always.

I was going to use a lettuce wrap like in the Beyond Simply Keto cookbook, but the lettuce was full of bugs. Turns out, the brioche bun was amazing! I’ve also made skirt steak kabobs with chimichurri and shredded jalapeño popper chicken from the book.

The Best Grain-Free Chicken No-Parmesan

From my new favorite cookbook, the Defined Dish, Nolan and I made a twist of the classic chicken parmesan. Just like raw hamburger meat, I don’t like handling raw chicken. So I put Nolan to work on dipping and dredging the chicken. This doesn’t necessarily fit into summer recipes, but it was so easy, which is great for a busy summer.

No, those aren’t white chocolate chips! Hahaha! They were chopped up babybel mozzarella. I had a tiny bit of shredded mozzarella so I improvised with the babybel. The photo above was before I baked it too, the cheese got all nice and melty. It was SO easy and yummy. The marinara is RAOs- my favorite since having their meatballs in Vegas a few years ago.

Steak Street Tacos

Also from Defined Dish are these incredible steak street tacos! There is no such thing as too much cilantro. The following day they were almost better on top of some salad. Nolan helped with these too and cooked them on the griddle.