Virtual races have done a mediocre job at keeping me active without our normal training group runs. I compiled a list of my 2020 virtual race recaps from this fall. Including opinions of the routes I selected, the swag and overall race management. Train on!

2020 Medtronic TC Virtual 1-Mile

I ran the 2020 Medtronic TC Virtual 1-mile race in the early fall. I did it on the bike trail with Melanie, her husband, and Nolan. We just ran out 1 mile and then did a walk/jog back to 50 West to celebrate with beers and burgers. It was fun to “race” a different distance and the Bogo mask they mailed us is my favorite!

2020 Minnesota Vikings Virtual 5K

Later in September, Nolan and I ran the Minnesota Vikings virtual 5K. Like the 1-mile run, we did it on the flat bike trail. That morning there were also people running the virtual Boston Marathon. They created a finish line with banners and music on the trail. We got to cross it too, at about 3.0 miles. 🙂 We received nice medals and a Vikings gator, which of course we wore to the first Vikings game.

2020 Virtual Warrior Run 5K

I ran the Warrior Run in 2017 and 2018. (I walked it in 2019 since it was the morning of our 20-something mile marathon training run.) I like participating in this event because it raises money for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. This year Nolan and I ran it with a few of our friends. We missed the amazing afterparty they usually have, but settled for a cold one at Streetside Brewery.

2020 Run The Bluegrass Virtual Half Marathon 

Run the Bluegrass actually took place this month. The group of us that signed up opted to do it virtually though. I made the route and absent-mindedly put the flat part first and the hilly part in the second half. 😛 As expected, it was a very slow half. I was in a great mental space though, happy to be out on a perfect running morning and not killing myself. I wish my medal would have arrived in time for our run. I’m not sure how Melanie received hers already and I haven’t. Par for the course for the race management.

2020 Queen Bee Virtual Half Marathon

Last, but maybe the hardest virtual race was the 2020 Queen Bee Virtual Half Marathon. (I ran it in 2018 and 2019 too.) I ran it back-to-back weekends with the Run the Bluegrass half (not a good idea). What was a good idea was doing it with friends. 🙂 Two friends were doing a virtual full marathon(!), so I ran the second half with them. They had a ton of support along the course, which was great because it was much warmer and humid than the previous weekend. I was fading near the end, but knowing they were nearing 25 miles I sucked it up and cheered them on. Per the virtual race rules, we ended at a brewery, Braxton’s, to celebrate our accomplishments.