It’s been WAY too long since I wrote a Currently post. But I can easily sum up April, May, June, July, and August– stayed home, cooked, read, and tried to stay active. If this year hasn’t been a doozy for you then you must live in a bubble, under a rock, on a different planet. September 2020 was no different.

Learned How (not) to Tape & Mud New Sheetrock

By far the biggest, most expensive, and time consuming thing I did in September 2020 was fixing the sheetrock in the basement. I spent at least an hour every day working on it or driving to/from Ace or Home Depot for supplies. I’m proud of it, but happy the project is done.

Family Visit

During the last week in September my brother, his daughter, my sister and her son came to visit us. It was SO nice to spend some quality time with my family. They all flew Delta and felt very safe. We did our best at outdoor activities and social distancing. We grilled at our house to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Nolan and I introduced them to the Swedish yard game Kubb. We ate outside at Agave & Rye. No surprises this time. 🙂

Touch Up Door Paint

Remember when I painted out interior doors Benjamin Moore Onyx? For the second time I’ve touched up the paint. Sophie loves to jump on the door anytime some walks by or comes to the door. It’s a good thing she is cute cause touching up paint is a pain!

De-skunking Sophie

Speaking of Sophie, one Saturday night she decided to try to make friends with a skunk. It was dark out so we didn’t see or hear anything when it happened. But the smell. Yowza! Neighbors several houses down thought there was an electrical fire. The next day we saw where it happened. That dang skunk not only sprayed my dog in the face and mouth, but it stained our white fence! We followed these instructions for bathing Sophie. It helped but she still smelled like death. Luckily that week she had a grooming appointment. Her nose/mouth still smell but it’s getting better everyday.

Planted Bulbs & Grass Seed

On one of my trips to Home Depot for drywall supplies, I picked up some black dirt and grass seed. There was a patch of sad grass out front that needed some TLC. I also picked up some daffodil, hyapastblen, and muscari bulbs. I planted them in the front and back with no real rhyme or reason. Fingers crossed for next spring.

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