Tired of listening to Christmas music? Grab an audiobook and get to wrapping! I loved The One audiobook and I bet Beneath a Scarlet Sky would be just as great via audiobook.

Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

Beneath a Scarlet Sky is over 500 pages long, but I read it in less than a week. While this might not seem like fast, it is for me these days! I started in on my flight back from Minnesota. It’s a story about an Italian teenager who is growing up during WWII. His parents force him to join the German army, where he becomes a spy for the allies. It’s a really easy, but well written and captivating read. Highly recommend!

Bangkok Wakes to Rain by Pitchaya Sudbanthad

Bangkok Wakes to Rain by Pitchaya Sudbanthad was on my original 2020 book list and I finally got around to reading it! I didn’t know what was going on for the first 70 or so pages. The book covers the story of five different people so I had a tough time wrapping my head around all of them. Around the middle of the book I started to get a grasp on the characters and then things got weird. I finished it, but would not recommend.

The One by John Marrs {Audiobook}

I can’t remember who recommended this book, but I’m glad they did! The One is a gripping (and a little over the top) novel about a DNA test that matches you with your soulmate. It follows several plot lines of people who are matched and how it changes their lives. One plot line include a serial killer who is matched with a cop. Another one is a British woman matched with someone in Australia. While the story lines are a bit outrageous, it was still a really good (audio)book. Would be great to listen to while wrapping presents, driving your car, working out, walking the dog, doing laundry, etc.