I had been slacking on the currently posts lately, but I’m getting back into the groove of things. Last month we watched a few several shows, I traveled back to Minnesota, I continued training, and we went to a Halloween party!

Watched/Watching (over the last several months)

Ratched, on Netflix, was adapted from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s a very dark and dramatic show. We’d always need to watch an episode of the Office before going to bed otherwise we’d have some crazy bizarre dreams.

I’ve also been watching the Money Heist, also on Netflix. Originally in Spanish, this story of taking over the Spanish Mint is dubbed over in English. Nolan didn’t care for it, but I liked to write blog posts and have in on in the background.

While working out downstairs, I’d often catch an episode of Watchmen on HBO. It’s also another very dark, very strange show. Despite a huge squid falling on NYC, I’m still captivated by it and curious as to how things end up.

Lastly, and maybe the best show we’re watching is The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. It’s about an orphan, Beth, who is a phenomenal chess player, but also battles addiction issues. We’re only in a few episodes, but we’re loving it.


I mentioned in my last book post that I traveled back to Minnesota recently. It was a whirlwind trip, including visits with friends and family. With COVID (and the random snowstorm!), it wasn’t the best time to travel. But, for once I had the time (thanks to unemployment), so I took advantage of it. We likely won’t travel back until next spring.


I’ve continued to train for Ironman Ohio 70.3 2021. Since swimming is least familiar to me, I’ve tried to hit the pool at least 2x a week. It’s getting easier, but not faster, and I get tremendously bored sometimes.

Halloween 2020

Handing out candy was a little different this year- we set up a table at the end of our driveway and sat back 10 feet. I actually liked it! We got to sit there, see all the cute kids and they got to pick what candy they wanted. After “handing” out candy, Nolan and I went to a little party! (We wore masks and didn’t stay too long.) We dressed up as RBG and Pound (101 Dalmatians). He was suppose to be Joe Exotic from Tiger King, but his costume never got delivered! 🙁 What do you think? Better than last year?

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