Yowza! It’s been awhile. I wish I could be more like Bev Cooks and write weekly flotsam posts that are witty and entertaining. But, you know, life. It happens. And luckily, so does Capital Grille pumpkin cheesecake. 🙂

I’m sort of tired of people hating on 2020. It hasn’t been all bad! Yes, we’ve been hit by a public health pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands, careers were destroyed overnight, and we have to wear masks to go out in public. But really, a few weeks at home, a piece of cloth on your face, and some distancing shouldn’t be something we can’t handle and overcome. amiright? We can do this! Let’s get that vaccine pumping through the veins of the vulnerable and let’s get back to life! (Except for Texas, they frozen.)

I’ll jump off that box now.

Thanksgiving 2020: Capital Grille Pumpkin Cheesecake

Nolan and I celebrated Thanksgiving at Capital Grille. We haven’t closed indoor dining in Ohio since quarantine. Tables are spread out and the waitstaff wear masks the entire time. We feel safe and like supporting those in the restaurant business. So, for Thanksgiving, we had a nice steak dinner and I had the fabulous pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.


Spending most of our free time at home, we’ve been binging more shows than ever! We recently got into Top Chef. There are tons of seasons on Hulu, so we’ve been entertained by old seasons. (We’re watching the Los Angels one right now.)

We also binged The Undoing on HBO. Nicole Kidman plays the perfect distraught wife/mother/friend like a charm. If you liked Little Big Lies (I did!), you’ll like The Undoing. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I also think the old Hugh Grant is easy on the eyes too. 🙂

Back to cooking show theme, we’ve enjoyed the Great British Baking Show too. We especially enjoyed the episode with the Derry Girls. We haven’t seen the Derry Girls show- but if the show is half as funny as they were on the baking show, I would love it.

I tried to get into Bridgeton too. I liked the first few episodes, but by the time Daphne gets married my eyes hurt from rolling them so much.


If you follow my instagram stories, you’ll know we’ve done about 10 puzzles in the last month! All of the puzzles in this stack have been done. Puzzles are expensive! And not to brag, but we can do a 1000-piece puzzle in just a few days. 😛 We joked that our Christmas card could be puzzles, sweatpants, and extra toasty cheez-its.

Christmas 2020

We stayed in Cincinnati over Christmas this year. It was just easier and cheaper. We did a bunch of facetiming and zoom calls with family. Plus we mailed out about 150 of these Christmas cards.


After finishing the drywall in the basement, I started to get bored. The end of the year (+a pandemic, +a crazy election) wasn’t a good time to find a “career job”. Instead I went to work at the mall! I’ve met some really cool people and learned a lot about retail, but basically my entire paycheck goes back into the store. 😉

Come early January I hit the ground running and applied to several jobs. I was lucky enough to have two offers before leaving for Colorado. I started my new “career job” as soon as I returned. It’s been awesome so far!

Selling Our House

And if that wasn’t all enough (+ half marathon training), we’re trying to sell our house! Since moving to this house, we’ve said how the house is too big. We bought it because we fell in love with the kitchen and location. In the meantime, the market in Cincinnati is bananas, and the value of the home has skyrocketed. More to come on why we’re moving, where we’re moving and how Sophie feels about it will come in another post.