The last 5k I ran was the virtual Vikings 5K last fall. The last 5k I ran in-person was the 2019 Jingle Bell 5k! It was nice to “race” this short distance again. In July I ran the 2021 Edgewood 5k and FCC3. Here is a quick recap for two quick races- and by quick I mean short, not necessarily quick pace. 🙂

2021 Edgewood 5k

The 2021 Edgewood 5k takes place on the 4th of July and since we had no plans, I figured why not?! Even though my friends and I agreed to just jog the course, we still ended up going faster than usual. A few of my friends even got their 5k PRs that day!

2021 Edgewood 5k

It’s a smaller race, but was only $10 with our run group discount. It was a quick out-and-back. I normally don’t like that format, but for a short race it’s kind of nice to see other runner’s faces and cheer them on. For once, my official results and watch matched each other at 29:51 for a 9:25 pace. There was no “swag” at the end (although the winners got a really nice quarter zip embroidered shirt), but they had cold water, bananas and snacks. It was a great way to start the holiday!

2021 FCC3

The 2021 FCC3 race was 3 miles and took place on Saturday at 6pm. I had ran that morning and the temperatures and humidity were stifling. My friend and I talked about walking the course, but we ended up jogging it. For the first time in a long time I had to take walk break. I was very hot and dripping buckets after.

My official result was 32:44, but my watch said 32:05 for a 10:47 pace. The swag included a cotton t-shirt, a medal, the usual post run drinks/snacks. It also included a ticket for a beer, Skyline Coney (pass) and slice of pizza (pass). All in all, a pretty good value IMO.

FCC3 2021 inside empty stadium

My only complaint about the race itself was that to get to the beer and food, you had to walk up the bleachers in the stadium to the concourse level. If you squint you can see the line of people in the silver bleachers making the trek up. My legs were less than thrilled. That said, I’d still do the race again!