2021 run for the elk half marathon finish line

Last weekend was the 2021 Run for the Elk half marathon in Emporium, PA. I’ve recently thought about how cool it would be do run a half or full marathon in all 50 states. This race was state number 10. Full race recap below.

2021 Run for the Elk Half Marathon Recap

The 2021 Run for the Elk Half Marathon was very small- less than 200 people registered. It’s called “Run for the Elk” because it’s in elk country and their often sited on the trail. Spoiler: We didn’t see any.

The race itself was on a very flat converted railroad. It was mostly packed gravel. I thought it was ok, but my friend had a really rough time with her ankles and knee. 🙁 I think my 1/week sand volleyball has strengthen my ankles just enough for it not to bother me.

It was an out and back with a few water stops. One was almost gone by the time we passed it the second time. I was so glad that I brought my handheld water bottle. Luckily there was cloud cover most of the day but it was still humid.

The race director cheered and blew a victory horn for everyone that crossed the finish line. Including slower runners and walkers. The “after party” was just a block away from the finish line. It included warm bagel sandwiches, iced coffee (amazing) and wine slushies. The iced coffee hit the spot!

2021 run for the elk half marathon meal

The swag included a nice technical t-shirt and a medal. Pretty good for an $85 race!

All 50 States States

My next state is Illinois. I’m running the Chicago Half Marathon on September 26th. Then, in November I’m running the Honor Run Half Marathon, which will check of Kentucky!