2021 Bourbon Chase tri-state group

I recently completed the 2021 Bourbon Chase Ragnar relay with 11 other runners and 2 very dedicated drivers. This was my second relay after doing Michigan back in 2019. Here’s my race recap!

My Part of the 2021 Bourbon Chase

I was runner number #4 in van #1. I really lucked out in my position because my legs were relatively short and easy compared to some of the others. According to Garmin, my 1st leg was 3.7 miles at 10:48am on Friday. It was raining, but warm and short. I did have to walk up one hill and had a serious potty break after mile 3. Thank goodness for the random port-a-potties on the side of the road!

My 2nd leg was 6.6 miles at 9:24pm on Friday. Not my optimal time of day to run, but I’ll take it over a 2 or 3am run. I started out by myself and there was one point where I couldn’t see anyone, but that lasted maybe a minute or two. Then, I came around a corner and could see other runner’s headlamps ahead. My speed was slow, but I enjoyed chatting with people as we passed each other on the rolling Kentucky hills.

My last leg was the shortest and fastest at 2.2 miles at 7:24am on Saturday. This is a great time of day to run and the weather was dry and cool. Knowing it was my last leg and that 11 other runners were waiting for me, I happily picked up the pace a tiny bit. For the first time on a Ragnar run I didn’t get killed and had 2 kills myself! (For some reason during Ragnar we say passing someone is a kill. So, after a run we’d often say “How many kills?” instead of “How was the run?”) I finished and felt exhilarated! #runnershigh

For reference… I think I was killed at least 6 times on my 2nd leg.

The Fun Part

12 ragnar medals together

Running is fun and all, but the camaraderie of running with a 12-person relay is a really awesome feeling. Oh and the slap happy jokes that come out after only 2 hours of sleep are tear jerking. Add a bourbon tasting party at the finish line and things got silly in van #1. 🙂

If you like running, don’t mind not sleeping and can stand a van full of 6 smelly runners than I highly recommend doing a Ragnar Rely. But I promise you won’t have more fun than us. 😛