We were back in-person for the 2021 Flying Pig Half Marathon! I was a little nervous, but mostly excited to race the Pig again. I’ve only done the full, so I knew what the first 6 miles entailed. Hint: lots of bridges and hills.

The Pig expo is always great! Tons of vendors, great swag and all the photo ops!

The weather was perfect for running. I wore a throw away for the first mile and then I was very comfortable in a t-shirt and capris. The sun never came out, which I was thankful for. Mid-50s and overcast is perfect- not too cold and not too hot. #goem

Even though I just ran the Chicago Half last month, I knew I was undertrained for the Pig Half. There are lots of hills in the first half that can sneak up on you. I accepted the idea of just running and having fun and guess what? I had the most fun! How could you not with Wonder Woman and Tina?

We ran the first few miles and then did a run/walk – especially up some of the bigger hills. Hello, Gilbert, Eden Park and Victory! The first beer stop was some Rhinegeist Bubbles that I proceeded to burp for a few miles. The second beer stop was around mile 12. The woman handing out beer asked if I wanted a picture and I was like yolo!

After that I met up with a random half marathon first timer. Her friends were already done so we ran the last mile together. She was struggling and I blabbed on and on so she could finish. It actually helped distract me too. I kept asking her if I was annoying her and she kept saying “No, keep talking.”

I saw lots of Tri-State Running Group people on the course and at the finish. Such a supportive, inclusive group we are. šŸ™‚

Half Marathon in Every State

I had already ran a full and a few halves in Ohio so I couldn’t check another state off my list. But it was nice to do the half in person after doing it virtually last year. Isn’t the Roebling Bridge pretty? I’ve heard the Honor Run is hilly, so I should probably do a bit more training. šŸ™‚

Upcoming races: Honor Run Half (KY), Rocket City Half (AL) and the Charleston Half (SC).