Back in August we took a friends trip to Portland, ME for a few days. Here’s what we did, but mostly all about the food we had. A few days wasn’t enough and we all agreed we’d love to go back.

Friends Trip to Portland ME

Not be be confused with Portland, OR, Portland, ME is on the other side of the U.S. We drove there after spending a night in Salem. It was raining cats and dogs on the drive up! We stopped at Bob’s Clam Hut to grab some lunch and give Nolan’s white knuckles a break.

We loaded up with lobster rolls, calamari, clams and fries. It was good, but would have been better if the weather was nicer. We eventually made it to Portland and it continued to rain and rain and rain.

Portland, ME Lighthouse

See the lighthouse? LOL Despite the overcast weather, it was warm and fun to explore some of the surrounding area. We climbed around to burn off some of those lobster roll calories.

The High Roller Lobster Co

I didn’t do a great job of getting photos of all the awesome food. The High Roller Lobster Co was one of the better places though! It was worth the wait for the lobster roll, lobster grilled cheese and old bay french fries. This might have been my favorite lobster meal. 🙂

We also had an awesome dinner at Duck Fat, but I forgot to take any photos. There was like a 3 hour or some such crazy wait, which gave us time to go change and have a pre-dinner drink. Or two. 😉

Black Cow Burger & Fries

Another great place we grabbed lunch at was Black Cow Burger & Fries. Nolan and I stopped here after walking miles around the city while Tab and Talia were on a whale watching cruise. The grilled cheese, burger and parmesan fries hit the spot.

Running in Portland, ME

I did a 3.5-mile run around Portland one morning. There is a really nice path that goes around the border of the harbor so the views are amazing and it’s super flat. Nolan and I later walked back to the E Promenade road to enjoy the sea views.

I don’t have Maine yet on my quest to get all 50 states, but I would definitely go back to Portland! Like the Shipyard Brewery Race in June or the Maine Marathon in October.