Favorite Podcast List

Since May, I’ve found and enjoyed a few new podcasts. My sweet spot for shows are between 30 and 40 minutes long, making them perfect for my daily lunchtime run or walks with Sophie.

My Three Favorite Rosés

What’s better than a cool glass of rosé on a summer evening (or weekend afternoon)? Today, I’m sharing my three favorite rosĂ©s, plus a few recipes that supposedly pair well with rosĂ©s.

6 Online Design Quizzes

I knew when we moved to our Cincinnati house I wanted to shift our style slightly. I used to like beige/brown/maroon and mission style, but in the last several years I’ve grown tired of that, as you can see. Now I prefer more whites/blacks/grays and the transitional/farmhouse/industrial look. Instead of guessing I took a six different online…