The Best Minnesota Pride Clothes

A few weeks ago Alison of Deuce Cities Henhouse, one of the blogs I read, was wearing a Matt’s Bar sweatshirt. I immediately messaged her to find to find out how I could get one. I quickly ordered two and received it in the mail this week. Getting them spurred the idea for this best…

2019 Book List

Hearing no recommendations from my 2018 Book Recap, I put together a short 2019 Book List. Just like last year, I put together this list based on NYT Best Sellers, other website lists (Amazon, GoodReads, etc), leftovers from last year’s list, and recommendations from bloggers I follow.

2019 Races

After finishing my last 2018 race, I thought it’d be a good idea to list out all the 2019 races I plan on clapping in. I mean participating in. 😛 

Favorite Podcast List

Since May, I’ve found and enjoyed a few new podcasts. My sweet spot for shows are between 30 and 40 minutes long, making them perfect for my daily lunchtime run or walks with Sophie.

My Three Favorite Rosés

What’s better than a cool glass of rosé on a summer evening (or weekend afternoon)? Today, I’m sharing my three favorite rosés, plus a few recipes that supposedly pair well with rosés.